New Shoes and Social Distancing

The past few weeks have been pretty interesting here in the Evans Household. Apollo turned one and we had a little celebration with just the three of us, I decorated some shoes for a fellow, and we’re now in the beginning stages of social distancing for the coronavirus.

Apollo is growing up before our very eyes and he loves seeing new things and having new, fun experiences. We made a little smash cake for him on his birthday, and while it took him a while to get into it, I think he had at least a little fun making a mess. I also accepted a project to decorate a pair of canvas shoes for a fellow artist and pickleball player. It was fun to break out my art supplies and work on a project. Fortunately, I already had rubbing alcohol to complete the project because if I had tried to find some in the stores now I would have been out of luck.

It was very fun to see how these turned out as I was working. The colors were selected per the customer and I think they turned out really cool looking. There were a few other people at the rec center where I play pickleball who may also want a pair, but until the rec center open up again I won’t be able to get the shoes to start.

For now, the three of us will stay home, go on walks weather permitting, and try not to get sick.

Completed Art Deco Explosion

While I think most people find coloring relaxing, it’s often the most time consuming and nerve wracking part of completing my doodles. I think one of my issues with coloring is when I make a mistake it’s a little hard to hide it in the end. However, I do like seeing my art come to life with bright colors and unique color schemes. \

I didn’t do too many little fiddly designs in the fields like I’ve done in previous doodles; I felt the design was too complex too support too many more patterns. The downside of completely filling the fields is it takes more time. Interestingly, the colors do not look as distinct in person as they do in the scan. The red and the orange almost look like the same color.

Art Deco design with contemporary colors

Art Deco design with contemporary colors

Here’s the original doodle:

art deco rescan_NEW

Old Thanks and New Flowers

The first drawings in my sketchbook I actually completed. I had planned on printing them into actual thank you cards I could actually use, maybe someday. They are quick little drawings and pretty fun.

I really had a sun motif thing going on, which I still like, but I force myself to use a little more sparingly. The cursive ins’t super clear, but hopefully when they are colored, the thanks will be more obvious.

The third doodle is the state flower for Alaska, Forget Me Not. I also added the Big Dipper, although the proportions aren’t accurate, a hazard of drawing freehand, and the swirly top is going to be the northern lights when colored.

Sketchbook Abandoned No More

These last few doodles are the rest of the drawings that I abandoned a few years ago then completed in these last few weeks. I know why I gave up originally, and in some ways I’m kind of surprised I was able to get something presentable out of them.

The first doodle took the longest, by far, out of all my recent drawings. I wanted to use only curves instead of sharp corners, and I wanted only swirls and plants. It looks very tangley, which I like.

The second doodles is a state flower. Its Oregon Grape holly. The blossoms are quite small, about the size of a grape, and I forgot which flower it was. I was resigned to calling it a random flower until I came across the original image I used as a reference. There is some goofyness to it, but it came out all right in the end.


A Few Southern Gems

Southern states have some of the most showy state flowers because of their hellish, humid climate. They may have delicious food, friendly locals (at least on the surface), and lovely scenery, but I’ll stay in my lovely arid Colorado.

Magnolia is the state flower of two states, so I added Fluer de Lis to distinguish this doodle for Louisiana. The diamonds also kind of allude to Mardi Gras, but not very overtly. Magnolia blossoms are quite lovely, almost like a more simplistic rose. The leaves of magnolia trees are green on one side and brown on the other. Weird.

I really love the doodle for Arkansas. Apple blossoms are cute little flowers, and since I drew the little posy so small, I had lots of room for fabulous paisley designs. I also decided to add the state bird, the mockingbird, after I added the Kirby dots to the paisley on the bottom. It all worked out I think. I think it’s one of my better doodle compositions.

Kirby dots are a type of fill that Jack Kirby invented (maybe?). It often appeared in the comics he drew, like Fantastic Four. It usually indicates explosions, or space, or whatever he wanted it to mean.

kirby dots FF

Kirby Dots Fantastic Four

Just one more thing I know thanks to my husband.



Central States Flowers

I began doodling state flowers with all the states my husband and I had ever lived. Then I picked basically arbitrarily, mostly picking flowers I thought would be fun to draw or easy to compose a doodle around. These states weren’t super easy to either draw or compose around.

I got carried away when I began my mistletoe doodle, and I nearly took up the whole page with the plant itself. This would have been okay I suppose, but then it wouldn’t have had many doodle elements. I decided to fix my composition issue by weighting a few of the mistletoe stems rather than the whole plant.

Goldenrod is really pretty, but it is difficult to draw in detail. It’s most often drawn as an impression of goldenrod, rather than an accurate close up depiction. It’s so involved, I decided to have relatively open doodle elements.

Bitterroot is almost incandescent in color, so coloring that drawing will hopefully make it really pop. I added other Montana elements in the doodle since the flower itself was relatively simplistic. Also, see a picture of Bitterroot and check out the gross flower buds:



New Zodiac Doodle Project

While I haven’t finished drawing all the state flowers yet, I decided to start another doodle project, which has turned out to be fun already. My son has a Greek name and I decided to draw his zodiac star sign for his room. It turned out so well I drew my own star sign.

It would be really fun to color these with watercolor, so I may experiment with printing them on a watercolor type of paper. I’m not sure how well that could possibly work, and I’m pretty sure I would need to print them using toner rather than inkjet so the lines wouldn’t run when they get wet. I like the varied line weights, and they look a lot more like a coloring page because of it.

I do plan on drawing all the Greek star signs, and who knows, if I finish that project maybe I’ll do Chinese zodiac animals too. We’ll see.

Guess Who’s Back? Ducky’s Back!

It’s been quite a few years since I have written or posted a blog, but at long last I have some new material!

After moving back to Colorado, my husband and I got straight to work, and it proved to take up a lot of time that I had previously dedicated to drawing. After working in the commercial paint industry for both Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore for 5 years, I turned my sights to Web development. However, in the middle of my first web development course I discovered to my shock and delight that I was pregnant! I had known due to a condition called Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome (a diagnosis doctors give women when they don’t know what’s wrong with ye old reproductive organs), that it would be difficult if not impossible to get pregnant.

When I enrolled in the web development course I decided it was just one change I wanted to make in my life, another was to become healthier. I ended up losing about 40 pounds and gained much more aerobic fitness, and it’s this lifestyle change that I think tipped the scales in my becoming pregnant.

Now my baby boy is almost 6 months old after being born 6 weeks early and I’ve been drawing for the last few weeks as his routine becomes more predictable.


Behold the adorable Mini Duck

I’ve got lots of plans for the future, not least of which is self-publishing a little coloring book. I’d also like to actually learn how to draw using my computer. We’ll see.

The first drawings I finished after how ever many years of not drawing at all were some incomplete doodles in my sketchbook.

art deco rescan_NEW

I just hooked up my scanner and I’m attempting to learn how to get my images to appear the way  want them to. I’m aslo trying to figure out Adobe Illustrator, which always surprises me in it’s un-user freindlyness.

Real Jobs and Upcoming Art Show

Boy howdy! We have been busy here in Colorado, mostly doing real world stuff like working at our jobs. It’s great to have a job again, or in my case, two part-time jobs, but it does leave very little time for doodling.

I have still been drawing though, but mostly just when I can scrape enough spare time together. It seems like I only sleep, eat, drive and work these days. We are still looking for a place of our own which is proving difficult because of the high rent rates and the lack of available housing where we want to live.

I do have something artsy in the works however; next week, on May 11th to be exact, I will be hanging my doodles in our local public library. My art will be on display for a month and I’m pretty excited to see all of them up together. One sad part of this is I had to take my sketchbook apart, which also means I need to finish the straggler doodles soon so I can have a safe place to put them once again.

Repeat States with Birds

So I haven’t made it all the way through the map as far as state birds, but I wanted to try something new to mix things up. I decided to add state birds to a few of my doodles. I only have two completed and two halfway done, but it is pretty fun.

The first bird is the Cardinal. It is the state bird of many states, including Illinois where I spent my primary school years. Cardinals are the most fashionable of all American birds in my opinion, and it was pretty fun to color them.

A cold and blustery day in the Midwest is sure to bring out the Cardinals.

A cold and blustery day in the Midwest is sure to bring out the Cardinals.

I must confess, I had no idea what the state bird of Colorado was until I looked it up, and I’m not even sure I’ve ever seen one. This black beauty is a Lark Bunting, complete with Colorado state flag motif, purple mountain majesty, and some vibrant columbines.

Lark Bunting

When it comes to symbolic images, this doodle is chock full of them.

There are a few more bird in the works yet to come. Hopefully I can get them finished before my big solo art show debut! If you live in Colorado, it would cool if you came to see my art (even though you will have seen most of it on my blog). There is something to be said for seeing the drawings in person.


The New and Improved Thinking Cap

Hanging out with family I seldom get to see is super fun. Whenever my parents have any grandchildren over, they always like to do fun and special things. If you are wondering where I get the wherewithal to create fabulous doodles, you need look no further than my awesome Mom. She has always been creative and is on the lifelong search for the perfect project. Sometimes she finds that project and needs to find a new one.

Get Outta My Space!

This year, when my brother’s kids came from Texas for Spring Break, my mom decided she needed to do this cool planet project. The original idea is to use oil based spray paint to make sweet planets and moons on a piece of paper. We were going to try it out on some T-shirts. We soon discovered some problems with the initial plan, and my mom created this ingenuous work around to make sweet, sweet shirts for the three boys.  (My Brother and sister in law have seven kids, five of which are quintuplets).

Like Saturn, but without the rings

Like Saturn, but without the rings

Neptune-ish plus mini-Mars!

Neptune-ish plus mini-Mars!

Excellent Black storms on a green planet

Excellent Black storms on a green planet

Riley is Too Cool for School and also the dining room

Riley is Too Cool for School and also the dining room

The gun show is apparently across the solar system

The gun show is apparently across the solar system

So, as you can see, my mom is ridiculously awesome. Also, space puns anybody?

Flower Hats

Upon further consideration, my mom decided the planet shirts were cool, but that the girls might want something a little different. At the last minute, we decided we should do some hand-painted hats, similar to a hat my mom painted for herself. We did three pink hats for the three young girls, a black hat for the tween, and a pillbox-type cap for mom.

yellow flower hat 1



purple flower hat 1





teal flower hat 2



My sister-in-law got a special hat to commemorate the state where she grew up, Hawaii.



hybiscus hat 2

Going downtown wearing their color coordinating duds

Going downtown wearing their color coordinating duds