Tips and Tricks

This segment of my blag will be dedicated to sharing some things I’ve learned about art during my doodling journey. I consider graphic design and illustration to be particular weaknesses of mine, which is one of the reasons I started my doodle sketchbook in the first place. Some if the things I will probably touch on in the coming months are:

  • Pen and Paper – Despite my current blog activity, I’ve never been big into sketching, and when I did do it, it was always with pencil. I’m hoping by branching out with ink, my strokes and line-work will become more confident and professional.
  • Drafting – I have no illusions that I will be a master draftswoman, but I would like to learn more about creating shapes and how to plan structural element in my art.
  • Digital Art – I think my future is tied up with graphic art, if only I can learn about some of the powerful tools at my disposal such as Illustrator and my Wacom tablet.
  • Traditional Media – My foundation in the arts is with traditional paints, so it is likely that I may bring them into this new Ducky world to experiment and explore.

As time progresses, I hope to be doing lots of research and writing about some of what I have learned and tricks I use to make my art. If you have any particular interests, write a note in the comments about what you would like to know and I will do my best to answer you, maybe even write a specific post about it. I would love to be able to make art a part of my everyday life and progress to the point where I can consider myself a professional illustrator/teacher/artist.

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