About the Ducky

It's a leaf painting from a few years ago when my hairs were short.

It’s a leaf painting from a few years ago when my hairs were short.

My name is Megan Evans, or as some cool people call me, Shover Ducky. I am a writer and have somewhat recently discovered how cool doodles are. Coming from a very traditional background in fine art, it was amazingly freeing to discover the doodle, plus being able to finish a cool piece of graphic work within a few hours.

I married MrE in October 2012 and look forward to exploring new comics with him while I teach him about the mysteries of Mormon culture.

My nickname is actually my roller derby name. I started as a skater in 2011 but I now mostly officiate and referee. I currently have four fur babies, Krypto the super dog and kitties Sir Anthony (Tony) Fluffy pants, Sir Percival (Percy) Blakeney, and Streaky the super cat.

I received a degree in Studio Arts from BYU in the year 2009 and was born and kinda raised in Colorado (also kinda raised in Illinois).

We currently moved back to Colorado from Huntsville, Alabama and are pursuing new work opportunities and many more mountains.

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