Taking My Time on the Indiana State Flower

The last state MrE lived in and I have not doodle the flower of is Indiana, and so I’ve drawn this doodle dedicated to the Peony. Some people may be unaware that Americans pronounce this particular flower differently depending on where they live. For the most part, I pronounce it PEE-uh-nee, but many southerns pronounce it pee-OH-nee. As for which one is the correct way, the answer is: yes!

I drew the outline of this doodle directly after I drew the Georgia Cherokee Rose drawing, but finished several others before coming back to this one. I didn’t quite have the colors I wanted for the flower itself, but I think the outcome looks tolerable.

Pinks and peach reign supreme in Indiana aapparently

Pinks and peach reign supreme in Indiana apparently

As of yet, I still have never done a proper zen doodle, but I did fill in the swirls with some common zen doodley type designs. They certainly do their best to compete with the very pink peony.

I think the next state flowers I’ll tackle are states where I have visited and spent the night. This is mainly western states, but with a few here and there tossed in for good measure. I guess that means I should do the national flowers of Italy and France too.

Critter Time

A while back, we came back from an evening out to find all the kitties sleeping on our bed

Caught ya!

Caught ya!

We then let Krypto out of her cage, and she too needed to be in on the action

Goofy doggie

Goofy doggie. Messy bed.

The Simplicity of Black and White

Working with colors is something that I have historically been hesitant to do because black and white is so much easier. Its been really great to work on my own understanding of color choice and balancing hues for an overall compositional effect. One of my biggest problems in art school was using too many colors that did not share a unifying theme between them. It is almost impossible to get black and white wrong (not that I haven’t done that too). So, just to see how far I’ve progressed since I started doing this doodle project, I decided to make a traditional-style zen-ish doodle.

Tried out some new patterns and of course, added paisley.

Tried out some new patterns and of course, added paisley.

Also, Kittens

Maybe one of these days I’ll take some inspiration from one of the adorable pets in my life. It has sure been fun having the kittens with us so we could marvel at their cuteness!

She's just so adorable. Why can't we keep all the kittens ever?!

She’s just so adorable. Why can’t we keep all the kittens ever?!

Toe Beans. Nuff said.

Toe Beans. Nuff said.

They are getting so big! They barely fit on the window ledge.

They are so big! They barely fit on the window ledge.