Ocular Oddity

My brother in law Mike Croft (who must always be referred to with both names since MrE is also called Mike) is an optometrist. He pretty much rocks at his job and if you find yourself in St. Geroge, Utah in the need of glasses, check out Dixie Eye Care. Seriously.

When I visited my parents in July, my sister Alicia was also there are she suggested I do an eyeball themed doodle. I don’t think this is what she meant, but when I texted a picture of it to MrE, he said he wants it on a t-shirt. So that’s something.

Don't Blink. Ever. Because you have no eye lids.

Don’t Blink. Ever. Because you have no eye lids.

I did bring back the sweet maple helicopter seeds from an earlier doodle. They remind me of my childhood. You will also notice I went back to all black for this doodle.