All Grey Swirly Whirlys

Breaking News!: I have been doing so well keeping up with upcoming doodles that I will be updating by blag every weekday! This means Mon-Fri doodle extravaganza! Plus of course cute critters with every post. Happy doodling! ~Ducky


When I showed this doodle to MrE, he remarked that it looked like it had taken several days to complete. It was not until I figured out how long I had actually spent finishing the doodle that I realized he may have been more correct than I had originally thought. To me, this doodle looks very simple, especially compared with some of my most recent work, but it did take all of three and a half hour to color in. I guess that’s why I was able to listen to three entire episodes of Top Gear on my laptop while I doodled.

With the mixed results from my last all-grey doodle, I wanted to make sure this one had proper balance between light and dark tones. I certainly like the finished product much better than the original sketch.

I kept the patterns I used to a minimum for more consistency.

I kept the patterns I used to a minimum for more consistency.

I’m still not at all sure why this took so long to complete. Maybe it just seems like a long time because there was no color. Next up is some felt flower-button inspired work, then onto more state flower doodles!

Grey is a little boring, unless its the color of the cutest Cat-in-a-Hat ever! Percy was so adorable and tiny.

He hasn't quite got the premis of being a cat in a hat, but it's close enough.

He hasn’t quite got the premise of being a cat in a hat, but it’s close enough.