Shielded Journal Cover

SomeCTR-Ring friends of mine gave me a journal to write my thoughts during my church’s semi-annual General Conference. They made the cover of the journal white and blank, so I could have something to draw on while I listened. The main element of the journal is a shield, which other Mormons will instantly recognize as a CTR shield. CTR stand for Choose the Right, much like other Christian churches like WWJD.

Children are given a little CTR ring like the one to the right in Sunday School, so they can have a visual reminder to make good choices throughout the day. I’m not sure why the shield is green, but that is why I colored my own journal’s shield green as well.

Bright colors unite!

Bright colors unite!

I think next year I may do journals like this for my nieces and nephews, or maybe I’ll do that for their Christmas presents (which would be a first for me giving them Christmas presents because I’m a terrible aunt). Then they can take thier doodle with them to school, that is, if thier parents can bear to let an origional Ducky work leave the safety of home 😛

I often am struck dumb by the cuteness of the kittens. MrE is immune to them now. Even when they all cuddle together, he is unimpressed when I force him to come look.

Before I barged in, they were all parallel, snuggling like little spoons in a drawer.

Before I barged in, they were all parallel, snuggling like little spoons in a drawer.

The Simplicity of Black and White

Working with colors is something that I have historically been hesitant to do because black and white is so much easier. Its been really great to work on my own understanding of color choice and balancing hues for an overall compositional effect. One of my biggest problems in art school was using too many colors that did not share a unifying theme between them. It is almost impossible to get black and white wrong (not that I haven’t done that too). So, just to see how far I’ve progressed since I started doing this doodle project, I decided to make a traditional-style zen-ish doodle.

Tried out some new patterns and of course, added paisley.

Tried out some new patterns and of course, added paisley.

Also, Kittens

Maybe one of these days I’ll take some inspiration from one of the adorable pets in my life. It has sure been fun having the kittens with us so we could marvel at their cuteness!

She's just so adorable. Why can't we keep all the kittens ever?!

She’s just so adorable. Why can’t we keep all the kittens ever?!

Toe Beans. Nuff said.

Toe Beans. Nuff said.

They are getting so big! They barely fit on the window ledge.

They are so big! They barely fit on the window ledge.


The Iris’s Are Finally Complete! And Turned Out Really Well…

So, I finally bit the bullet and completed the Iris State Flower drawing I started in January. It wasn’t that terrible and I really love the way they turned out. I love drawing with oranges and yellows and even the purple looks pretty good. I’m thinking my next flower doodle will be of a Hibiscus, the State Flower of Hawaii. I’ve never been there, but MrE lived there when he was a child. Maybe I’ll do all the states he has lived in next.

So Snuggly

Also, Kittens. Look at how adorable all the cats are snuggling on my messy bed. We are still looking for homes for them, and we have a month to do it before we leave to move to COLORADO! Yay! MrE applied and was offered a different job within Lockheed Martin. He will continue to save the world, but this time he will be an Engineer. His new department has no clue how lucky they are.

Tennessee State Flower: Iris

My parents have all sorts of beautiful and distinct Irises in their yard, and most of them are Bearded Irises like the ones I used as reference for my doodle. I love dark and vibrant irises, and one of my favorite varieties is actually brown. I had to white out the text I wrote in the flower in a fit of pique, but you can hardly tell it was ever there, unless you see the drawing in person. Oh well.



Spiral Galaxy

I also finished another doodle from a few months back. this one was inspired by Cosmos, and has a swirly-spacey vibe I think.

purple galaxy


That’s it for now. I will continue to draw some new doodles and hopefully continue my State Flower projects, and maybe color in another forgotten drawing.