The Lamest of All the State Flowers…Or Is it?

Neither MrE nor myself have ever been to the US State of Maine. This isn’t so astonishing for my case, but my husband has been to 48 out of all 50 states, so far.

When looking up all the state flowers, I had a little laugh because the flower for Maine is the White Pine Cone. Which seem pretty darn lame. In fact, The pine cones in this doodle aren’t even from White Pine trees because I think they are not as cool looking as other species. Case in point:

Pine cone bleh


It has no sense of proper golden rule proportions, so I just found pictures of pine cones I thought looked neat to use as references instead.

Pime cohmes

Pime cohmes

Despite being brown and brittle, these pine cones turned out amazing! And that is when I decided maybe Maine had a good idea after all. Maybe. I would like to say that Prismacolor markers are stupendous. I would still like a handful of colors I don’t have yet, but the versatility and ability to blend with them is fantastic.