A Few Southern Gems

Southern states have some of the most showy state flowers because of their hellish, humid climate. They may have delicious food, friendly locals (at least on the surface), and lovely scenery, but I’ll stay in my lovely arid Colorado.

Magnolia is the state flower of two states, so I added Fluer de Lis to distinguish this doodle for Louisiana. The diamonds also kind of allude to Mardi Gras, but not very overtly. Magnolia blossoms are quite lovely, almost like a more simplistic rose. The leaves of magnolia trees are green on one side and brown on the other. Weird.

I really love the doodle for Arkansas. Apple blossoms are cute little flowers, and since I drew the little posy so small, I had lots of room for fabulous paisley designs. I also decided to add the state bird, the mockingbird, after I added the Kirby dots to the paisley on the bottom. It all worked out I think. I think it’s one of my better doodle compositions.

Kirby dots are a type of fill that Jack Kirby invented (maybe?). It often appeared in the comics he drew, like Fantastic Four. It usually indicates explosions, or space, or whatever he wanted it to mean.

kirby dots FF

Kirby Dots Fantastic Four

Just one more thing I know thanks to my husband.



The Simplicity of Black and White

Working with colors is something that I have historically been hesitant to do because black and white is so much easier. Its been really great to work on my own understanding of color choice and balancing hues for an overall compositional effect. One of my biggest problems in art school was using too many colors that did not share a unifying theme between them. It is almost impossible to get black and white wrong (not that I haven’t done that too). So, just to see how far I’ve progressed since I started doing this doodle project, I decided to make a traditional-style zen-ish doodle.

Tried out some new patterns and of course, added paisley.

Tried out some new patterns and of course, added paisley.

Also, Kittens

Maybe one of these days I’ll take some inspiration from one of the adorable pets in my life. It has sure been fun having the kittens with us so we could marvel at their cuteness!

She's just so adorable. Why can't we keep all the kittens ever?!

She’s just so adorable. Why can’t we keep all the kittens ever?!

Toe Beans. Nuff said.

Toe Beans. Nuff said.

They are getting so big! They barely fit on the window ledge.

They are so big! They barely fit on the window ledge.


Ocular Oddity

My brother in law Mike Croft (who must always be referred to with both names since MrE is also called Mike) is an optometrist. He pretty much rocks at his job and if you find yourself in St. Geroge, Utah in the need of glasses, check out Dixie Eye Care. Seriously.

When I visited my parents in July, my sister Alicia was also there are she suggested I do an eyeball themed doodle. I don’t think this is what she meant, but when I texted a picture of it to MrE, he said he wants it on a t-shirt. So that’s something.

Don't Blink. Ever. Because you have no eye lids.

Don’t Blink. Ever. Because you have no eye lids.

I did bring back the sweet maple helicopter seeds from an earlier doodle. They remind me of my childhood. You will also notice I went back to all black for this doodle.

Squiggles Game and #5

Last night, Mr E and I went to see the theatrical version of the 39 Steps. It was his first ever play and my second time seeing it performed. The play was totally awesome and we also played a game of squiggles beforehand and during intermission.

sqiggles 1

Lest you think that Mr E is a sociopath, I actually drew both the man being crushed by the weight of the world and the decapitated head in a pool of spit. Although technically i “won” because I stumped Mr E, He wins the prize for the most adorable doodle:





It’s a little anteater and oh boy, are those ants nervous!

I also began doodle number 5 while watching Lawrence of Arabia for the first time. Its a perfect movie to watch while drawing because of all the extended scenes with desert. I finished inking it after church today:

maple leaves black and white

Doodle Time!

After I drew the Christmas cards I discovered that there is something a bit relaxing at this style of doodling. I did a little bit of searching around and found similar drawing forms and exercises, most notably ZenTangle (www.zentangle.com). I decided to try to draw a little bit every day, or even every other day to start refreshing my mental drawing muscles and increase my creativity.

Here is my first drawing of the year:


January Doodle #1 with Sunflower

January Doodle #1 with Sunflower

Even as a look at it, I want to change it and I see some pretty fundamental composition flaws, but I am not afraid! I hope that the more I continue to draw, the easier it will become, and the less my hand will cramp.