The Lily is the Official Flower Of…

The poor lily, it’s probably one of the most universal and recognizable flowers ( I imagine) but it gets no love in an official capacity. Water lilies and lilies-of-the-valley are the official flower of several countries including Sri Lanka, Italy, Guyana, and Finland. One would think that one of the States would have it’s flower be a lily, but no, one would be wrong. Utah of course has the Sego Lily, which isn’t quite the same thing. I suppose the lily is not official because it is not native to any particular state. The only country I could find that used the Lily as it’s official floral emblem is….wait for it….



Even then, it’s not really official, like US state flowers are official (The rose is the official USA flower. Lame. That can’t have been native.).

I decided I needed to support Kazakhstan anyway and drew a lily, but mostly I drew it because I think lilies are quite pretty.

We forgive you Lily, for not being official

We forgive you Lily, for not being official

I like to think my Prismacolor marker skills are improving, but I also think many of my most recent compositions have been good as well.