Before R&B, There Was the French Horn

I love the soulful sound of the French horn. It kind of reminds me of an elk or something crying in the wilderness, or possibly dying. Although that might not seem like it would make awesome music, it totally does! Many of my favorite Christmas carols feature the French Horn, which was the original reason I drew this doodle in the first place. I meant to adapt it into some kind of Christmas card, but that didn’t exactly happen. So, now I get to use whatever colors I want to complete this doodle, instead of red and green.

It’s a pretty busy image, but I still like it. I especially like the blue and brown color combination.

Shiny metal!

Shiny metal!

It’s been several weeks, but we did arrive in Colorado. On the way, I drove with all three cats, and at one rest stop in particular, Tony was not happy and decided to make his presence known:

Tony in car


I would not consider myself an overly sentimental person, but I did take a photo of our house as we began to drive out of Alabama.

Goodbye House. We wont miss your tiny water heater.

Goodbye House. We wont miss your tiny water heater.


Holy Hiatus, Batman!

I’m back, and with exciting news. My husband and I are moving to our favorite state in the Union. That’s right; Colorado, here we come!

It seems like forever since I last posted a blog, and in internet-land I guess it has been forever. Not as long as the Home Star Runner guys have gone without an update, but still, many many months since I posted a Doodle. I have several outlines that are ready for color, and some birthday cards I need to get into the works.

MrE and I are also trying to make some permanent changes to our diet (I know, diet exciting). I’m thinking in honor of our new commitment to eating veggies, I should make a vegetable themed doodle. I must confess that I have come to appreciate the way healthy foods make me feel, and I hope that I can be brave to say no to processed foods, fast foods, and otherwise unhealthy junk for the foreseeable future.

I’ll post some images of the stuff I’m working on in the next couple days. As always, I love feedback and would love to get inspiration from requests from the blogosphere.

A Birthday Card Fit for a Mother

I know I posted only yesterday, but I just now realized that I never made a post about one of the most important birthday cards! My mom’s birthday was in April, and of course I made a card for her, (my dad’s b-day was yesterday, blog post of his card incoming). My mom likes many things, most of which are related to science fiction, books, and Benedict Cumberbatch, but she also likes my art because I am her daughter. I think she is slowly turning her house into the Galleria de Megan, cause she’s awesome! I decided her doodle needed to represent something that she loves, and what’s not to love about Colorado?!

I drew a single Columbine (the state flower of Colorado, also represented here in a previous post) for her birthday card. Maybe next year will be a Doctor Who/Star Trek/Star Wars themed doodle.

Black and white is always classy, and will go with any decorations!

Black and white is always classy, and will go with any decorations!

The only sad thing about this card is there is no hidden duck! In case you had not realized, I include a duck in all of my doodles, at least the ones that I remember to 😛

Moving Day Is Almost Here!

On a non-drawing related note, the day we move back to Colorado is almost upon us! We are so excited to be closer to my family and to get back into the Colorado Roller Derby scene. Plus, mountains. Last summer we drove to visit, and I snapped this photo of Krypto and Tony getting along in the car.

There's nothing like a 24 hour car journey to help the kids get along.

There’s nothing like a 24 hour car journey to help the kids get along.

UPDATE! This just in! I found the hidden duck! Sometimes, my duck hiding powers are just too awesome.