Tiny Doodle for Tiny Moleskine

The next part of my doodle journey is drawing in a cute mini-Moleskine sketchbook. I’ve seen so many awesome designs on Pintrest, I had to get one of my own to try it out. I also got two very tiny pens, and even broke out some of MrE’s Rapidograph drafting pens (which I still have yet to learn how to use. I guess they are like super precise fountain pens and they have to be cleaned and refilled with ink.)

My first doodle in the sketch book is pretty normal/typical. Some flowers and some swirls. I didn’t plan it out very well, so I also added some of my new colors to make the features pop.

End to end coverage

End to end coverage

All in all, I think I’m going to enjoy carrying around the small sketchbook, and maybe even doing some plein air sketching. In a future photo, I might put something next to the book to show scale. The book itself is about a centimeter shorter  and about the same width as my hand.