All Grey Swirly Whirlys

Breaking News!: I have been doing so well keeping up with upcoming doodles that I will be updating by blag every weekday! This means Mon-Fri doodle extravaganza! Plus of course cute critters with every post. Happy doodling! ~Ducky


When I showed this doodle to MrE, he remarked that it looked like it had taken several days to complete. It was not until I figured out how long I had actually spent finishing the doodle that I realized he may have been more correct than I had originally thought. To me, this doodle looks very simple, especially compared with some of my most recent work, but it did take all of three and a half hour to color in. I guess that’s why I was able to listen to three entire episodes of Top Gear on my laptop while I doodled.

With the mixed results from my last all-grey doodle, I wanted to make sure this one had proper balance between light and dark tones. I certainly like the finished product much better than the original sketch.

I kept the patterns I used to a minimum for more consistency.

I kept the patterns I used to a minimum for more consistency.

I’m still not at all sure why this took so long to complete. Maybe it just seems like a long time because there was no color. Next up is some felt flower-button inspired work, then onto more state flower doodles!

Grey is a little boring, unless its the color of the cutest Cat-in-a-Hat ever! Percy was so adorable and tiny.

He hasn't quite got the premis of being a cat in a hat, but it's close enough.

He hasn’t quite got the premise of being a cat in a hat, but it’s close enough.

Playing Catch-Up…Ketchup?

I have finally caught up with my unfinished doodles! However, this victory is temporary, and so it is somewhat hollow since I have at least four drawings that are in some pre-stage of completion. The good news is when I hand someone my sketchbook so they can behold my awesomeness in person, I don’t have to make excuses anymore like, “Oh…Don’t mind that page. It may LOOK like it is incomplete and badly drawn, but it is actually…yeah. You got me. It’s not finished.”

The last of the bad drawings (see here for a peak at stage one), is finally complete! It’s not my best composition, a problem I ran into with another previous drawings, but I love the colors. I might even come back to it if I can think of a way to fix it. Maybe.

This is the color of summer...punching you in the teeth!

This is the color of summer…punching you in the teeth!

Tools of the Trade

I think I would like to add another aspect to this blog. I want to share some of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way, and would love to hear from other artists about the kinds of tools they have come to rely on.

MrE is a drafter by trade and is the master of making perfectly precise drawings. Maybe I will get him to submit some handwriting for your perusal in  so you see how precise his line-work is. Since I use so many sweeping curves and curlicues in my work, he is always suggesting I try using a french curve. This is a devices made entirely of curves so any line you draw can be consistent. Mike has a little over one million french curves and other templates, so for this next drawing I used varying circle templates as well as this German curve:

Using new tools is kind of like shopping for new school supplies, if you know what that's like.

Using new tools is kind of like shopping for new school supplies, if you know what that’s like.

The drawing is in the preliminary stages, so don’t worry if it looks totally incomplete; it is! My inspiration for this was another blogger, and when I’m finished with the doodle I will link the original concept since it’s super awesome.

In just the short time I’ve experimented with these tools (like an hour) I’ve discovered that I don’t really know what I’m doing, and I’m somewhat impatient when it comes to using them. But I think, if I stick it out, I’ll get better.


For all of my doodles I have been using ink. There have only been one or two drawings in my sketchbook that I have pre-drawn using pencil; all the rest are freehand compositions. Within the past several months I’ve expanded my collection of drawing utensils, and I’ve even asked MrE for a set of super expensive Prismacolor brush marker set (but only with a 50 percent off coupon, cause let’s face it, they’re just markers) for Christmas.  My current collection is the following:

Sharpies reign supreme!

Sharpies reign supreme!

I’d love to hear what my fellow artists use in their drawings or what they wish they had.

You can never see too much of my cute fur babies? Right? Well here is a picture  from the early days of getting our very own Percy.

There is just enough room for both kitty cats to fit snugly.

There is just enough room for both kitty cats to fit snugly.