Why Isn’t This Alabama’s State Flower?

Fall is in full swing in Alabama, and that means the cotton is ready or has already been harvested. It is very strange to me to see cotton fields in well built-up areas, but it is cool to see all the perfect white in a field of brown twigs. Cotton isn’t what one would call pretty, but it does have a certain appeal.

A few weeks back, MrE and I were driving home from visiting his mom when I remarked that I wanted to draw cotton one day. We immediately pulled into the supermarket parking lot, went to the cotton field and stole a twig of Alabama’s finest cotton balls. The reason, of course, cotton is not the state flower is it is a cash crop, has a messy history involved in slavery, and it is not very pretty.

This plant is just plain bizarre.

This plant is just plain bizarre.

I decided to make a sketch of this twig in my Moleskine.

Poor cotton. You are so ugly

Poor cotton. You are so ugly

I also took a little image to illustrate the size this tiny sketchbook actually is:

I do have pretty big hands, it has to be said.

I do have big hands, it has to be said.


Implementing New Techniques and Media

Sunday is a great time for me to doodle. I cannot stress enough how much better church is for me, in terms of being able to listen to the speaker, when I have some doodling in front of me. On the Sunday that I drew the following, I decided I wanted to work on some fundamental techniques.


Oh hatching, you and I are barely acquainted, We don’t particularly get along, but I would like to know you better. This doodle was done at the suggestion of MrE who said I should make shapes using hatching instead of outlines. I don’t know if this is what he was envisioning, but its a start at practicing the subtle art of crosshatch.

Rain and fronds and no outlines.

Rain and fronds and no outlines.

I think for a futureĀ attempt at hatching I will divide one page of my sketchbook into sections and make smaller studies.

Sophisticated Media

I am a Sunday-school teacher for the 3-turning-4 age group, which means the lessons are very simple and there is plenty of times for crafts. There is usually some sort of coloring activity, and I decided I should post my example. The lesson was about the importance of animals and what it means to be a good steward, although not in those terms since explaining what a steward is is difficult enough when speaking to an adult. Since no one can withstand the allure of a fluffy bunny, that is what we colored, using crayons of course!

I wish I had these exact colors in markers--that's the great thing about crayons.

I wish I had these exact colors in markers–that’s the great thing about crayons.

This was great fun, and the kids thought it was cool to see such a crazy bunny.