St. Patrick: Snake Enemy Number One

Several year ago I worked for an Irish person and I asked him if they celebrated St. Patrick’s day back home. I assumed the Americanized version was similar to Cinco de Mayo for Mexicans compared to Mexican-Americans. I was therefore surprised to learn St. Patty’s is still a big deal in Ireland, but it involves more drinking and less green. The last part makes sense, since Ireland needs no help being green, but more drinking than in America? Holy smokes.

In honor of the great snake extinction event, I’ve drawn a March 17th doodle.

Snakes alive!

Snakes alive!

The Celtic knots are probably way offensive to any real Celt, but since I don’t even know what they represent, I added them anyway. Also, snakes.

Now go pinch people.

Mean Green and Kitten Bath Time!

I did the outline of this doodle whilst watching BYU football face off with the Texas Longhorns at our friends’ house. For some reason I decided I should draw some stylized clovers, which had nothing to do with anything as far as I am aware. I am however glad I did so since I then also used only greens to follow the clover motif.

The photo of my doodle for the day is shown below, but first, kittens!

I think Crescent (the kitten) decided to encroach Tony’s peace in the window seat and Tony then decided, what-the-hey, bath time! More and more animals decided to make their presences known, with much cute cuddlies to be had for everyone.

And if you can tear your eyes away from the adorableness for just a moment, here is the doodle:

All green, all the time. There is something so wonderful about the color green.

All green, all the time. There is something so wonderful about the color green.