Pink and White Camelllia

With this doodle I learned a valuable lesson: do not use both the pink and red Pilot Precise V5 pen colors in the same doodle. They are just similar enough to be jarring to the eye and it hurts to look at them for any length of time, which is tricky when trying to draw.

The camellia is Alabama’s state flower, and it is ridiculously symmetrical. I tried to find a reference to work from that did not look like it was made out of sugar to use on a wedding cake. Most of the camellias on the internet look too perfect to be nature-made.

Looking back, I should have put in some black and white hounds-tooth pattern since it is the unofficial school color of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

White and Pink Camellia and Fishy Fish

White and Pink Camellia and Fishy Fish


MrE says it looks like the fish has Spidey-Sense. I think it looks like he’s freaked out and is trying to swim a hasty retreat.

I debated whether or not to add any shading to flower, and as you see, laziness won over potentially messing up the drawing.