Holy Hiatus, Batman!

I’m back, and with exciting news. My husband and I are moving to our favorite state in the Union. That’s right; Colorado, here we come!

It seems like forever since I last posted a blog, and in internet-land I guess it has been forever. Not as long as the Home Star Runner guys have gone without an update, but still, many many months since I posted a Doodle. I have several outlines that are ready for color, and some birthday cards I need to get into the works.

MrE and I are also trying to make some permanent changes to our diet (I know, diet stuff..so exciting). I’m thinking in honor of our new commitment to eating veggies, I should make a vegetable themed doodle. I must confess that I have come to appreciate the way healthy foods make me feel, and I hope that I can be brave to say no to processed foods, fast foods, and otherwise unhealthy junk for the foreseeable future.

I’ll post some images of the stuff I’m working on in the next couple days. As always, I love feedback and would love to get inspiration from requests from the blogosphere.