Who Knew Iowa Was So Wild?

My next State Flower is the Iowa Rosa Arkansana, or the Wild Rose. Of course, what other time was as wild as the roaring twenties, when Art Deco, my new favorite design style, was so well established. That’s not really what I was thinking when I drew this doodle, I just wanted to add some cool geometrical elements to my next piece. I don’t like the dark turquoise color, but other than that, I’m quite pleased with the concept of this doodle.

Combination dress clip and hair comb corners.

Combination dress clip and hair comb corners.

I love my new Prismacolor markers! They made doing the actual flowers very easy. I must confess, I did draw this in pencil first befome completing it in ink.


If you need to have a little bit of joy in your life, I give you this video of my cat Tony and our kitten Streaky. For the full experience, turn your volume all the way up to hear the purring.


It’s Almost the Roaring Twenties Again, Right?

It is interesting to me how the size of a piece of paper changes the way I doodle. This latest doodle is directly inspired by a couple of vintage Art Deco broaches I found when searching for ideas on the internet. I’ve been trying to work out just what it is that makes this style so distinctive to me, and I think it is the combination of very geometric shapes combined with a certain unexpectedness. Despite the small size of the doodle, it still took a few hours to complete. I hope to get faster, and possible do a bit of sketching in the Moleskine everyday.

I don't quite know what it is I love so much about Art Deco designs.

I don’t quite know what it is I love so much about Art Deco designs.

On a more musical note, MrE and I went to see Hall and Oates live in concert at the Huntsville, Von Braun center, and they were amazing! They played all of their hits of course, ending with a cool improve rendition of I Can’t Go For That. Before the show, MrE and I played another game of squiggles, this time in the Moleskine. My favorite cartoon for this go-round is the man with elephantiasis with tiny eyes and a huge mouth.

Also, Godzilla made an appearance.

Also, Godzilla made an appearance.