@#*! A Birthday Doodle

January 21st is my brother Joel’s Birthday and my dearest husband’s as well. For his birthday I made MrE an Extra special birthday card, with a comic book theme.

@#*! in comic book language means, I love you! (not really)

@#*! in comic book language means, I love you! (not really)

The name for this symbol that often replaces curse words in comic books is a growlix. It was first used by the dude that draws Beetle Bailey ( I think? I’m sure MrE will correct me in the comments if I’m wrong). MrE pronounces this fake word the same way Donald Duck does when he gets frustrated with Huey, Dewy, and Louie.

Squiggles Game and #5

Last night, Mr E and I went to see the theatrical version of the 39 Steps. It was his first ever play and my second time seeing it performed. The play was totally awesome and we also played a game of squiggles beforehand and during intermission.

sqiggles 1

Lest you think that Mr E is a sociopath, I actually drew both the man being crushed by the weight of the world and the decapitated head in a pool of spit. Although technically i “won” because I stumped Mr E, He wins the prize for the most adorable doodle:





It’s a little anteater and oh boy, are those ants nervous!

I also began doodle number 5 while watching Lawrence of Arabia for the first time. Its a perfect movie to watch while drawing because of all the extended scenes with desert. I finished inking it after church today:

maple leaves black and white