A Few Southern Gems

Southern states have some of the most showy state flowers because of their hellish, humid climate. They may have delicious food, friendly locals (at least on the surface), and lovely scenery, but I’ll stay in my lovely arid Colorado.

Magnolia is the state flower of two states, so I added Fluer de Lis to distinguish this doodle for Louisiana. The diamonds also kind of allude to Mardi Gras, but not very overtly. Magnolia blossoms are quite lovely, almost like a more simplistic rose. The leaves of magnolia trees are green on one side and brown on the other. Weird.

I really love the doodle for Arkansas. Apple blossoms are cute little flowers, and since I drew the little posy so small, I had lots of room for fabulous paisley designs. I also decided to add the state bird, the mockingbird, after I added the Kirby dots to the paisley on the bottom. It all worked out I think. I think it’s one of my better doodle compositions.

Kirby dots are a type of fill that Jack Kirby invented (maybe?). It often appeared in the comics he drew, like Fantastic Four. It usually indicates explosions, or space, or whatever he wanted it to mean.

kirby dots FF

Kirby Dots Fantastic Four

Just one more thing I know thanks to my husband.



Central States Flowers

I began doodling state flowers with all the states my husband and I had ever lived. Then I picked basically arbitrarily, mostly picking flowers I thought would be fun to draw or easy to compose a doodle around. These states weren’t super easy to either draw or compose around.

I got carried away when I began my mistletoe doodle, and I nearly took up the whole page with the plant itself. This would have been okay I suppose, but then it wouldn’t have had many doodle elements. I decided to fix my composition issue by weighting a few of the mistletoe stems rather than the whole plant.

Goldenrod is really pretty, but it is difficult to draw in detail. It’s most often drawn as an impression of goldenrod, rather than an accurate close up depiction. It’s so involved, I decided to have relatively open doodle elements.

Bitterroot is almost incandescent in color, so coloring that drawing will hopefully make it really pop. I added other Montana elements in the doodle since the flower itself was relatively simplistic. Also, see a picture of Bitterroot and check out the gross flower buds:



Shielded Journal Cover

SomeCTR-Ring friends of mine gave me a journal to write my thoughts during my church’s semi-annual General Conference. They made the cover of the journal white and blank, so I could have something to draw on while I listened. The main element of the journal is a shield, which other Mormons will instantly recognize as a CTR shield. CTR stand for Choose the Right, much like other Christian churches like WWJD.

Children are given a little CTR ring like the one to the right in Sunday School, so they can have a visual reminder to make good choices throughout the day. I’m not sure why the shield is green, but that is why I colored my own journal’s shield green as well.

Bright colors unite!

Bright colors unite!

I think next year I may do journals like this for my nieces and nephews, or maybe I’ll do that for their Christmas presents (which would be a first for me giving them Christmas presents because I’m a terrible aunt). Then they can take thier doodle with them to school, that is, if thier parents can bear to let an origional Ducky work leave the safety of home 😛

I often am struck dumb by the cuteness of the kittens. MrE is immune to them now. Even when they all cuddle together, he is unimpressed when I force him to come look.

Before I barged in, they were all parallel, snuggling like little spoons in a drawer.

Before I barged in, they were all parallel, snuggling like little spoons in a drawer.

Updated Page Name

Today I registered this site as my very first .com! Now you only need to type duckydoodles.com into your address bar to see all the cool marker doodles you could ever want.

I have heaps of cool stuff waiting to be posted. At the moment I am schedules to post every two days (not including today). If you have any special requests or ideas for a doodle, send me a comment or use your powers of the mind–I may pickup your brainwaves.

Happy Drawing!


I see you are awake! good, you may begin to love me...

I see you are awake! good, you may begin to love me…