Old Thanks and New Flowers

The first drawings in my sketchbook I actually completed. I had planned on printing them into actual thank you cards I could actually use, maybe someday. They are quick little drawings and pretty fun.

I really had a sun motif thing going on, which I still like, but I force myself to use a little more sparingly. The cursive ins’t super clear, but hopefully when they are colored, the thanks will be more obvious.

The third doodle is the state flower for Alaska, Forget Me Not. I also added the Big Dipper, although the proportions aren’t accurate, a hazard of drawing freehand, and the swirly top is going to be the northern lights when colored.

Sketchbook Abandoned No More

These last few doodles are the rest of the drawings that I abandoned a few years ago then completed in these last few weeks. I know why I gave up originally, and in some ways I’m kind of surprised I was able to get something presentable out of them.

The first doodle took the longest, by far, out of all my recent drawings. I wanted to use only curves instead of sharp corners, and I wanted only swirls and plants. It looks very tangley, which I like.

The second doodles is a state flower. Its Oregon Grape holly. The blossoms are quite small, about the size of a grape, and I forgot which flower it was. I was resigned to calling it a random flower until I came across the original image I used as a reference. There is some goofyness to it, but it came out all right in the end.


A Few Southern Gems

Southern states have some of the most showy state flowers because of their hellish, humid climate. They may have delicious food, friendly locals (at least on the surface), and lovely scenery, but I’ll stay in my lovely arid Colorado.

Magnolia is the state flower of two states, so I added Fluer de Lis to distinguish this doodle for Louisiana. The diamonds also kind of allude to Mardi Gras, but not very overtly. Magnolia blossoms are quite lovely, almost like a more simplistic rose. The leaves of magnolia trees are green on one side and brown on the other. Weird.

I really love the doodle for Arkansas. Apple blossoms are cute little flowers, and since I drew the little posy so small, I had lots of room for fabulous paisley designs. I also decided to add the state bird, the mockingbird, after I added the Kirby dots to the paisley on the bottom. It all worked out I think. I think it’s one of my better doodle compositions.

Kirby dots are a type of fill that Jack Kirby invented (maybe?). It often appeared in the comics he drew, like Fantastic Four. It usually indicates explosions, or space, or whatever he wanted it to mean.

kirby dots FF

Kirby Dots Fantastic Four

Just one more thing I know thanks to my husband.



Central States Flowers

I began doodling state flowers with all the states my husband and I had ever lived. Then I picked basically arbitrarily, mostly picking flowers I thought would be fun to draw or easy to compose a doodle around. These states weren’t super easy to either draw or compose around.

I got carried away when I began my mistletoe doodle, and I nearly took up the whole page with the plant itself. This would have been okay I suppose, but then it wouldn’t have had many doodle elements. I decided to fix my composition issue by weighting a few of the mistletoe stems rather than the whole plant.

Goldenrod is really pretty, but it is difficult to draw in detail. It’s most often drawn as an impression of goldenrod, rather than an accurate close up depiction. It’s so involved, I decided to have relatively open doodle elements.

Bitterroot is almost incandescent in color, so coloring that drawing will hopefully make it really pop. I added other Montana elements in the doodle since the flower itself was relatively simplistic. Also, see a picture of Bitterroot and check out the gross flower buds:



Real Jobs and Upcoming Art Show

Boy howdy! We have been busy here in Colorado, mostly doing real world stuff like working at our jobs. It’s great to have a job again, or in my case, two part-time jobs, but it does leave very little time for doodling.

I have still been drawing though, but mostly just when I can scrape enough spare time together. It seems like I only sleep, eat, drive and work these days. We are still looking for a place of our own which is proving difficult because of the high rent rates and the lack of available housing where we want to live.

I do have something artsy in the works however; next week, on May 11th to be exact, I will be hanging my doodles in our local public library. My art will be on display for a month and I’m pretty excited to see all of them up together. One sad part of this is I had to take my sketchbook apart, which also means I need to finish the straggler doodles soon so I can have a safe place to put them once again.

Repeat States with Birds

So I haven’t made it all the way through the map as far as state birds, but I wanted to try something new to mix things up. I decided to add state birds to a few of my doodles. I only have two completed and two halfway done, but it is pretty fun.

The first bird is the Cardinal. It is the state bird of many states, including Illinois where I spent my primary school years. Cardinals are the most fashionable of all American birds in my opinion, and it was pretty fun to color them.

A cold and blustery day in the Midwest is sure to bring out the Cardinals.

A cold and blustery day in the Midwest is sure to bring out the Cardinals.

I must confess, I had no idea what the state bird of Colorado was until I looked it up, and I’m not even sure I’ve ever seen one. This black beauty is a Lark Bunting, complete with Colorado state flag motif, purple mountain majesty, and some vibrant columbines.

Lark Bunting

When it comes to symbolic images, this doodle is chock full of them.

There are a few more bird in the works yet to come. Hopefully I can get them finished before my big solo art show debut! If you live in Colorado, it would cool if you came to see my art (even though you will have seen most of it on my blog). There is something to be said for seeing the drawings in person.


The Lily is the Official Flower Of…

The poor lily, it’s probably one of the most universal and recognizable flowers ( I imagine) but it gets no love in an official capacity. Water lilies and lilies-of-the-valley are the official flower of several countries including Sri Lanka, Italy, Guyana, and Finland. One would think that one of the States would have it’s flower be a lily, but no, one would be wrong. Utah of course has the Sego Lily, which isn’t quite the same thing. I suppose the lily is not official because it is not native to any particular state. The only country I could find that used the Lily as it’s official floral emblem is….wait for it….



Even then, it’s not really official, like US state flowers are official (The rose is the official USA flower. Lame. That can’t have been native.).

I decided I needed to support Kazakhstan anyway and drew a lily, but mostly I drew it because I think lilies are quite pretty.

We forgive you Lily, for not being official

We forgive you Lily, for not being official

I like to think my Prismacolor marker skills are improving, but I also think many of my most recent compositions have been good as well.

The Lamest of All the State Flowers…Or Is it?

Neither MrE nor myself have ever been to the US State of Maine. This isn’t so astonishing for my case, but my husband has been to 48 out of all 50 states, so far.

When looking up all the state flowers, I had a little laugh because the flower for Maine is the White Pine Cone. Which seem pretty darn lame. In fact, The pine cones in this doodle aren’t even from White Pine trees because I think they are not as cool looking as other species. Case in point:

Pine cone bleh


It has no sense of proper golden rule proportions, so I just found pictures of pine cones I thought looked neat to use as references instead.

Pime cohmes

Pime cohmes

Despite being brown and brittle, these pine cones turned out amazing! And that is when I decided maybe Maine had a good idea after all. Maybe. I would like to say that Prismacolor markers are stupendous. I would still like a handful of colors I don’t have yet, but the versatility and ability to blend with them is fantastic.

Who Knew Iowa Was So Wild?

My next State Flower is the Iowa Rosa Arkansana, or the Wild Rose. Of course, what other time was as wild as the roaring twenties, when Art Deco, my new favorite design style, was so well established. That’s not really what I was thinking when I drew this doodle, I just wanted to add some cool geometrical elements to my next piece. I don’t like the dark turquoise color, but other than that, I’m quite pleased with the concept of this doodle.

Combination dress clip and hair comb corners.

Combination dress clip and hair comb corners.

I love my new Prismacolor markers! They made doing the actual flowers very easy. I must confess, I did draw this in pencil first befome completing it in ink.


If you need to have a little bit of joy in your life, I give you this video of my cat Tony and our kitten Streaky. For the full experience, turn your volume all the way up to hear the purring.

Taking My Time on the Indiana State Flower

The last state MrE lived in and I have not doodle the flower of is Indiana, and so I’ve drawn this doodle dedicated to the Peony. Some people may be unaware that Americans pronounce this particular flower differently depending on where they live. For the most part, I pronounce it PEE-uh-nee, but many southerns pronounce it pee-OH-nee. As for which one is the correct way, the answer is: yes!

I drew the outline of this doodle directly after I drew the Georgia Cherokee Rose drawing, but finished several others before coming back to this one. I didn’t quite have the colors I wanted for the flower itself, but I think the outcome looks tolerable.

Pinks and peach reign supreme in Indiana aapparently

Pinks and peach reign supreme in Indiana apparently

As of yet, I still have never done a proper zen doodle, but I did fill in the swirls with some common zen doodley type designs. They certainly do their best to compete with the very pink peony.

I think the next state flowers I’ll tackle are states where I have visited and spent the night. This is mainly western states, but with a few here and there tossed in for good measure. I guess that means I should do the national flowers of Italy and France too.

Critter Time

A while back, we came back from an evening out to find all the kitties sleeping on our bed

Caught ya!

Caught ya!

We then let Krypto out of her cage, and she too needed to be in on the action

Goofy doggie

Goofy doggie. Messy bed.

I’ve Got Georgia on My Mind

For my latest state flower doodle, I have chosen Georgia since it is one of the states where MrE has lived. Their state flower is the Cherokee Rose, also called Rosa Laevigata. There is an Indian folk tale concerning this flower, and it is said that they bloom the entire length of the Trail of Tears. It is a delicate and pretty flower, which called for a little different style doodle than usual.

Grey markers strike again!

Grey markers strike again!

This doodle was one of my more structured projects, and I even used straight edges and French curves for a few of the major details. Since the flowers are white, I thought it would be good to leave the other doodle shapes pale as well. I goofed on the of the flowers though, and used some white paint pen to cover it. The green leaves actually look much better in the photograph than they do in real life. Go figure.

Lazy Bones Kitty Cat

Since Georgia is famously laid back, today’s cute animal picture is Tony, chilling and waiting patiently for a tummy rub.

Feet up and ready for the petting to commence.

Feet up and ready for the petting to commence.