Completed Art Deco Explosion

While I think most people find coloring relaxing, it’s often the most time consuming and nerve wracking part of completing my doodles. I think one of my issues with coloring is when I make a mistake it’s a little hard to hide it in the end. However, I do like seeing my art come to life with bright colors and unique color schemes. \

I didn’t do too many little fiddly designs in the fields like I’ve done in previous doodles; I felt the design was too complex too support too many more patterns. The downside of completely filling the fields is it takes more time. Interestingly, the colors do not look as distinct in person as they do in the scan. The red and the orange almost look like the same color.

Art Deco design with contemporary colors

Art Deco design with contemporary colors

Here’s the original doodle:

art deco rescan_NEW

Gloomy Gray Sky

I’m nearing the end of my backlog of pre-sketches, and I took an interesting new path with this doodle. I would describe many of my drawings as cheerful at the very least, which become very upbeat with the addition of bold, bright colors. I have done many black and white and grey and white doodles as well, but this is the first time I really integrated color and grays. The result is pretty gloomy and rainy despite the prominent flowers.

The ring thingalings in the middle are pretty strange, I’m not sure what I was really thinking of when I started drawing them.  I did try to make them a little less awkward by adding the 3D type effect. I really like the black outlined shapes filled in with dark gray. I will certainly make that a major part of a future drawing.

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

The Lily is the Official Flower Of…

The poor lily, it’s probably one of the most universal and recognizable flowers ( I imagine) but it gets no love in an official capacity. Water lilies and lilies-of-the-valley are the official flower of several countries including Sri Lanka, Italy, Guyana, and Finland. One would think that one of the States would have it’s flower be a lily, but no, one would be wrong. Utah of course has the Sego Lily, which isn’t quite the same thing. I suppose the lily is not official because it is not native to any particular state. The only country I could find that used the Lily as it’s official floral emblem is….wait for it….



Even then, it’s not really official, like US state flowers are official (The rose is the official USA flower. Lame. That can’t have been native.).

I decided I needed to support Kazakhstan anyway and drew a lily, but mostly I drew it because I think lilies are quite pretty.

We forgive you Lily, for not being official

We forgive you Lily, for not being official

I like to think my Prismacolor marker skills are improving, but I also think many of my most recent compositions have been good as well.

The Lamest of All the State Flowers…Or Is it?

Neither MrE nor myself have ever been to the US State of Maine. This isn’t so astonishing for my case, but my husband has been to 48 out of all 50 states, so far.

When looking up all the state flowers, I had a little laugh because the flower for Maine is the White Pine Cone. Which seem pretty darn lame. In fact, The pine cones in this doodle aren’t even from White Pine trees because I think they are not as cool looking as other species. Case in point:

Pine cone bleh


It has no sense of proper golden rule proportions, so I just found pictures of pine cones I thought looked neat to use as references instead.

Pime cohmes

Pime cohmes

Despite being brown and brittle, these pine cones turned out amazing! And that is when I decided maybe Maine had a good idea after all. Maybe. I would like to say that Prismacolor markers are stupendous. I would still like a handful of colors I don’t have yet, but the versatility and ability to blend with them is fantastic.