New Shoes and Social Distancing

The past few weeks have been pretty interesting here in the Evans Household. Apollo turned one and we had a little celebration with just the three of us, I decorated some shoes for a fellow, and we’re now in the beginning stages of social distancing for the coronavirus.

Apollo is growing up before our very eyes and he loves seeing new things and having new, fun experiences. We made a little smash cake for him on his birthday, and while it took him a while to get into it, I think he had at least a little fun making a mess. I also accepted a project to decorate a pair of canvas shoes for a fellow artist and pickleball player. It was fun to break out my art supplies and work on a project. Fortunately, I already had rubbing alcohol to complete the project because if I had tried to find some in the stores now I would have been out of luck.

It was very fun to see how these turned out as I was working. The colors were selected per the customer and I think they turned out really cool looking. There were a few other people at the rec center where I play pickleball who may also want a pair, but until the rec center open up again I won’t be able to get the shoes to start.

For now, the three of us will stay home, go on walks weather permitting, and try not to get sick.

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