Real Jobs and Upcoming Art Show

Boy howdy! We have been busy here in Colorado, mostly doing real world stuff like working at our jobs. It’s great to have a job again, or in my case, two part-time jobs, but it does leave very little time for doodling.

I have still been drawing though, but mostly just when I can scrape enough spare time together. It seems like I only sleep, eat, drive and work these days. We are still looking for a place of our own which is proving difficult because of the high rent rates and the lack of available housing where we want to live.

I do have something artsy in the works however; next week, on May 11th to be exact, I will be hanging my doodles in our local public library. My art will be on display for a month and I’m pretty excited to see all of them up together. One sad part of this is I had to take my sketchbook apart, which also means I need to finish the straggler doodles soon so I can have a safe place to put them once again.

Repeat States with Birds

So I haven’t made it all the way through the map as far as state birds, but I wanted to try something new to mix things up. I decided to add state birds to a few of my doodles. I only have two completed and two halfway done, but it is pretty fun.

The first bird is the Cardinal. It is the state bird of many states, including Illinois where I spent my primary school years. Cardinals are the most fashionable of all American birds in my opinion, and it was pretty fun to color them.

A cold and blustery day in the Midwest is sure to bring out the Cardinals.

A cold and blustery day in the Midwest is sure to bring out the Cardinals.

I must confess, I had no idea what the state bird of Colorado was until I looked it up, and I’m not even sure I’ve ever seen one. This black beauty is a Lark Bunting, complete with Colorado state flag motif, purple mountain majesty, and some vibrant columbines.

Lark Bunting

When it comes to symbolic images, this doodle is chock full of them.

There are a few more bird in the works yet to come. Hopefully I can get them finished before my big solo art show debut! If you live in Colorado, it would cool if you came to see my art (even though you will have seen most of it on my blog). There is something to be said for seeing the drawings in person.


3 thoughts on “Real Jobs and Upcoming Art Show

  1. How wonderful Megan, I bet people are going to be amazed by your artwork. The Cardinal is the state bird of Virginia.


  2. I love your bird doodles. I’m very pleased for you that they will be on display in the library. Congratulations! I love watching the birds visit my bird feeder every day and the cardinals and blue jays are my favourites.


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