Fall Colors, or a Vision in Brown

Even though it is only March, it’s never too early to start thinking about how awesome Fall is going to be. There are so many reasons to love Fall, not the least of which is it’s the only season with two names! I recently bought a handful of new markers in colors I didn’t have yet, And many of them are used in this doodle. I love the muted earth tones and vibrant reds and oranges of fall, but there is no getting around that Autumn has lots of brown on brown action. This reminds me of one of my very favorite episodes of Top Gear where they test British Leyland cars, including the Princess. (The Chaps all look so young!)

The origional idea for this doodle was to write a history in spiral pictograph form, and in a way, this is a history of my doodle project. It has a little bit of every thing I’ve drawn before. It was pretty fun to color.

All Hail the Ducky!

All Hail the Ducky!

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