Replacing Tires Isn’t All Fun and Games

It’s been a while since I posted some furry awesomeness. So here ya go!

Catpile! plus one

Catpile! plus one

As for this week’s doodles, it is almost a month old, but I have had other, more exciting things to post. I drew this while having my car’s tires replaced, since they had about as much tread as a peach. I bought them just in time since the very next day it snowed and I needed to make a screeching stop when I realized the car in front of me was stopped but did not have any working brake lights. This is from my tiny Moleskine notebook, despite the large size of the image. I love how it is mostly rectangular except for a few little bits that poke out. It’s rebelling I’m sure.

Good asymmetrical awesome

Good asymmetrical awesome

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