The Joys of Curly Hair

It is a common sentiment that one always wants what one doesn’t have. In my case, I would love curly hair. My hair is bone straight, and even when I do curl it with rollers or heat, the the curls fall out a few hours after being set in my hair. I know a few curly haired people who scoff mightily at my desire for curly hair, but I cannot change my desire.

In my quest for easy to do curls, my mom found a cool video of tin foil ringlets.

I tried this technique and it worked awesomely! It was pretty easy to do, and although I had my mom do the flat iron stuff, it’s something I could easily do on my own for those times when I don’t live in my parents’ basement.

When I had fabulous curly hair, I was inspired to do this cartoon:

Thats a lot of hair

That’s a lot of hair

I’m impressed by my spontaneous whimsy.


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