Randomy Randomness

Not all doodles are as polished as others. This is to be expected since the doodling is mostly a way for me to experiment and simply to keep me drawing and creating.

That being said, it is a little disappointing when I do a crazy thing and it doesn’t quite turn out the way I was envisioning in my head. For this drawing, I decided to use only curvy lines, at least for the initial sketch. I used angles to fill in around the shapes at the end. These shapes remind me of sea foliage and/or monsters of the deep. The main problem in my eyes is there isn’t any true focal point. This means that when you look at it, your eye isn’t really directed from one point to another. Good to know, but crazy all the same.

Better from far away.

Better from far away.

Ironically, right after I typed that last line and went to insert the image into the post, I realized it looks pretty good when it’s a thumbnail:

Better from far away.

Who knew

All in all, there are some intriguing color combinations I’ll have to remember for future use.

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