Before R&B, There Was the French Horn

I love the soulful sound of the French horn. It kind of reminds me of an elk or something crying in the wilderness, or possibly dying. Although that might not seem like it would make awesome music, it totally does! Many of my favorite Christmas carols feature the French Horn, which was the original reason I drew this doodle in the first place. I meant to adapt it into some kind of Christmas card, but that didn’t exactly happen. So, now I get to use whatever colors I want to complete this doodle, instead of red and green.

It’s a pretty busy image, but I still like it. I especially like the blue and brown color combination.

Shiny metal!

Shiny metal!

It’s been several weeks, but we did arrive in Colorado. On the way, I drove with all three cats, and at one rest stop in particular, Tony was not happy and decided to make his presence known:

Tony in car


I would not consider myself an overly sentimental person, but I did take a photo of our house as we began to drive out of Alabama.

Goodbye House. We wont miss your tiny water heater.

Goodbye House. We wont miss your tiny water heater.


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