Here Be Dragons and Markers

Since I have the best husband ever, I now also have the most awesome markers ever! For our 23-month wedding anniversary, MrE Bought me the giant pack of Prismacolor brush tip artist markers i have been lusting after! I tested them out on my palette page and can’t wait to use them on some sweet new doodles.

So many markers...*drool*

So many markers…*drool*

I also got a teeny tiny Moleskine notebook to start doing tiny doodles when the mood strikes me.

Steampunk Fantasy

I’ve been branching out into different subjects, as you may have noticed in past doodles. There is an artist I really admire, Kirby Rosanes, who does some truly ridiculous and awesome art. I took a page out of his Moleskine, ha, and tried something steampunk:

Just wind him up and set him loose.

Just wind him up and set him loose.

Compared to Kirby, this little dude is but a meager steampunk baby. This is probably a doodle topic I will return to in the future.

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