Majestic Feet

I think that the Muslim and Hindu tradition of abstract patterns is what is driving the current tend in Zen Doodle. If you ever want to get some great ideas, search for henna designs. Henna has been made even more popular recently I think because westerners love the idea of temporary decorations. I confess, I would love to have some henna done professionally sometime in the future.

The contours of the henna design are not quite accurate to the shape of a real leg, but whatever. I will blame that on not doing any figure drawing whatsoever in more than six years, and also because it’s hard.

I think I need to do henna sometime. Its great!

I think I need to do henna sometime. Its great!

Feet are awesome, by the way, especially my feet, but unfortunately, these are not my feet. Although not even I would create a Facebook group dedicated to taking secret pictures of women’s feet (which I encountered on my search for cool henna designs). Creepy.

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