Implementing New Techniques and Media

Sunday is a great time for me to doodle. I cannot stress enough how much better church is for me, in terms of being able to listen to the speaker, when I have some doodling in front of me. On the Sunday that I drew the following, I decided I wanted to work on some fundamental techniques.


Oh hatching, you and I are barely acquainted, We don’t particularly get along, but I would like to know you better. This doodle was done at the suggestion of MrE who said I should make shapes using hatching instead of outlines. I don’t know if this is what he was envisioning, but its a start at practicing the subtle art of crosshatch.

Rain and fronds and no outlines.

Rain and fronds and no outlines.

I think for a future attempt at hatching I will divide one page of my sketchbook into sections and make smaller studies.

Sophisticated Media

I am a Sunday-school teacher for the 3-turning-4 age group, which means the lessons are very simple and there is plenty of times for crafts. There is usually some sort of coloring activity, and I decided I should post my example. The lesson was about the importance of animals and what it means to be a good steward, although not in those terms since explaining what a steward is is difficult enough when speaking to an adult. Since no one can withstand the allure of a fluffy bunny, that is what we colored, using crayons of course!

I wish I had these exact colors in markers--that's the great thing about crayons.

I wish I had these exact colors in markers–that’s the great thing about crayons.

This was great fun, and the kids thought it was cool to see such a crazy bunny.

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