Ferocious Birthday Card and Kitty Cats

I have been doing lots of information gathering and internet searching to find cool new things to doodle. I have found some of the coolest and most exquisite doodles out there are in small Moleskine (not a typo) notebooks. One of the images I found was of a lion made with some cool, doodley alterations.

My dad’s birthday required something extra special, and of course manly, and I’m not sure what could be more manly than a roaring tiger, so that is what I set our to draw.

Highly stylized tiger and swirls.

Highly stylized tiger and swirls.

This doodle reminded me very much of some work I did in junior high and high school. As with every new technique I experiment with, I learned a ton. I even hid a little duck in there, possibly my most inconspicuous duck yet.

Whenever I send a birthday card out, MrE also makes a special custom dollar bill for the recipient. For my dad, he made the best dollar ever: a sock money wearing a BYU hoodie! My dad collects awesome socks and bleeds BYU blue, so the combination is perfect of course. Check out Mike’s skills:

Not illegal in all 50 states!

Not illegal in all 50 states!

Just in case you are worried that drawing on paper money is illegal, it isn’t, as long as you do not tamper with the numbers or make it unfit to be spent. We oftne leave superhero themed dollars as part of our tips.

Time for Cute

Of course I can’t just leave you without an adorable photo of our own ferocious beasts:

What do YOU want?

What do YOU want?

4 thoughts on “Ferocious Birthday Card and Kitty Cats

  1. You do animals so well. How about turning that painting in the basement into a giant tiger. Dad feels like you love him best:-) Mr. E did a perfect dollar.


  2. The best part of drawing on money is that at some point (presumably) it’ll go into circulation, and someone who has no idea about why the drawing’s there will look at it and laugh their ass off. And spend it, and someone else will laugh. And so on until infinity–or until the paper it’s printed on wears out, whichever comes first.

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    • That’s what I like to think too. My husband has encountered one of his dollars after spending it only once before. It was Lucy from the Peanuts. He thought it was pretty cool to get it back again, but I’m pretty sure he turned right around and spent it. 😛


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