Tropical Colors for Hawaiian Hibiscus

All of the state flower doodles I’ve done in the past have been places where I have lived, (except Tennessee, It’s just so close to Alabama I decided to include it). Now I’m going to work on the states where MrE has lived, and the first on my list is Hawaii!

I would love to go visit a tropical location sometime, and Hawaii seems ideal since I wouldn’t need a passport to go, and it would be a cool reunion trip for my husband as well. In the spirit of bright tropical colors, I drew heavily on pinks and oranges for my doodle of a Hibiscus. I also brought back the negative space duck, and used the silhouette of a wood duck. Check it out:

These colors will punch you in the face!

These colors will punch you in the face!

The photograph isn’t particularly good. I think one day I will need to invest in a scanner, or figure out how to use my Wacom tablet effectively.

I also colored in another of my old doodles. I mentioned it in an earlier post, and now it is complete. I do love the green-footed pink duck.

Lacey heart doily is super awesome.

Lacey heart doily is super awesome.

Next up on the State Flower list is Georgia, Texas, Kansas, and Indiana!

6 thoughts on “Tropical Colors for Hawaiian Hibiscus

  1. I love the colors in the Hawaiian Doodle. The hibiscus is beautiful. the negative space Wood Duck is a great idea. There are a lot of cool ducks out there. Pink purples and greens are very nice.
    I’m trying to follow with my beagle account.


  2. Excellent drawings. I just have photos of places where we have lived including Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, California, Michigan, New Mexico, Florida, the Philippines, and Germany. Thanks for visiting, and now following, Photomania. Glad to have you aboard. 🙂


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