Which Line Drawings Are Worth Finishing?

I took some snapshots of all the rest of my unfinished line drawings, so far, from my sketchbook. Which, if any, should I go ahead and finish? 

Some of these attempts are laughable at best, so don’t feel bad if you think they are terrible rubbish. 



Here is the fabled Iris doodle. I may still finish this one–the drawing is good, but just so detailed. I would just marker over the words i think, or white them out. 

Gears and combs

Gears and combs

I’m not sure why I never colored this one in. It’s another one that isn’t too bad. 

Make it stop!

Make it stop!



Don’t like it. What was I thinking?



It’s alright. It could be so much worse.

Which do you think I sould color in? Or what can I do to make up for some of these attrocities?


3 thoughts on “Which Line Drawings Are Worth Finishing?

  1. I like the Iris, even though parts of it are quite busy. The gears and combs is a good one too. The third one has some good parts in the middle, but I can see why you would not want to finish it. The fourth one has too much small detail that would get lost in a colored work. The last one has some nice qualities and may look pretty good if colored.

    My favorite are the first two. Mom’s favorite is the Iris.

    Love you, Dad

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