Holy Lots of Drawings, Batman!

First off, lots of stuff has been happening but some of the most important are:

  • We are moving back to Colorado! Yay!
  • I applied for and was approved to be an editor for BKA Content! Yay!
  • We are raising a tiny pack of foster kittens. It will be sad to see them go, but maybe six animals in the house is too many. Maybe.

I have been doodling, despite not updating my blag. So in an effort to keep my riveted viewer (mom, that’s you!) pleased, I will start posting the work I’ve done since February! To begin, I will share the cards I have drawn for my nieces and nephews. I only have three more cards to go before I have sent one to each for their birthday (or half-birthday).


First up is Alec. He pretty much is the most awesome kid ever and loves everything that is cool. I know whatever card I made him, he would think was excellent. This design is actually pretty much a copy of a cool graphic I saw, but it’s all good as long as I don’t try to sell it. 😛

Emprie of the rising Death Star.

Empire of the rising Death Star.


The next nephew card is for Riley. He’s the oldest nephew on my side and loves everything BYU, and who can blame him? I wanted to go a little retro, so I picked Ye Olde style Cosmo the Cougar for the feature in his card:

Don't let the little beanie hat fool you; this cougar means business!

Don’t let the little beanie hat fool you; this cougar means business!



I will also share one of the older doodles. This is an exercise in copying a cool design a friend of mine posted on Facebook. I did a couple different versions, and I have been adding elements from this into some of my own doodles.

There was this design that I liked, so I made a kind of cruddy copy of it.

There was this design that I liked, so I made a kind of cruddy copy of it.


Stay tuned for more posts as I update the blag with my sketchbook musings!

3 thoughts on “Holy Lots of Drawings, Batman!

  1. Love the doodles Megz. I, of course, love the retro BYU one you did for Riley. Reminds me of when I was there myself. Happy to see you are posting more of your stuff on the duckydoodles site. So happy you guys are moving back to Colorado. Good luck finding a place that will take multiple animals. Love ya, Dad.


  2. Hey! I think I’m that friend who posted that design on fb! Not that I can take credit for posting something I found using the google 😉 I love that you post your doodles! I am an avid doodler as well, I just post them in my cubicle at work though 😀


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