Illinois Purple Violets…Meh…

I don’t know if I subconsciously sabotaged myself when doodling the next state flower, or if I was just having negative drawing vibes. I lived in Illinois for 7 years and I think it significantly impacted my upbringing, but Illinois as a state has nothing on Colorado. The state flower is the purple violet, and my doodle flowers aren’t entirely accurate. I discovered that purple is a crappy color to doodle with 😦 so I’m not entirely happy with this doodle, but that the whole point of this experimentation process.

Some Purple Violets and Crazy Colors

Some Purple Violets and Crazy Colors


Also, here is my kitty cat who loves to sit in my lap, keyboard, and sketchbook. His name is Sir Anthony Fluffypants AKA Tony.


He's so fluffy I'm going to die!!

He’s so fluffy I’m going to die!!


I drew the purple violets at a family get-together in Tennessee along with a sketch of the Volunteer State’s flower, the Iris. I’m not quite done filling that one in, so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Illinois Purple Violets…Meh…

  1. I love the purple flowers. What is the problem with them?

    I found some of your art the other day. I thought I would scan it and send it to you so that you can add it to your blog. Actually I thought Dad would scan it, and I’d send it.


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