Doodling Expirament

In addition to creating super fabulous doodles, I’ve also decided I am going to experiment by giving myself changing parameters.

Therefore, I give you….Treadmill Doodle!

85% of the following doodle I drew while walking on a treadmill. Of course, I was only going about 1.5 mph, but I was walking. If it weren’t so difficult it would be an excellent way to pass the time while working out. Maybe when I save up enough to purchase my very own treadmill desk.

I didn’t fill it in with patterns because the doodle seemed to look good as is, and there is no way I would be able to make smooth hatch lines on a treadmill. If you look closely at the line quality, you can see where I stopped and started every half an inch.

treadmill goose

After I had done the majority of the central imagery, I ran for a tiny amount of time, and then finished the drawing while sitting in a non-moving chair. Lame I know!

I really love the sky motif at the top, I will probably think of some way to put it into another doodle.

If you have a suggestion for doodle experiment, write it in the comments or something.

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