The Arrows Point to Doodle #4

I think I may need to set a time limit on my doodle time because its starting to cut into my writing time. And while doodling is cool, I’m not getting paid for it (yet). I do think that the doodling is helping me to expand my brain, but It could be an interesting challenge to give myself some strict parameters and see what happens.

Number 4 is heavily inspired by Avatar the Last Airbender, the cartoon and not the terribad movie. I don’t know why I like drawing arrows, but I do. This drawing gave me a little more confidence to use the whole page and to play around with concept a little bit.


Arrows and Elements

Arrows and Elements

I kind of sounds ridiculous, but there are three different kinds of arrows: light arrows, living arrows, and liquid arrows. They each represent a different “element,” as it were. It seems really new-agey, but there you have it.

I really like how the lower most portion of the design turned out, especially the fish, bubbles, and spotty arrow cluster thing. I’m not sure if making the tree black was the best choice, but one I started I couldn’t really stop.

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