Number 3, Butterfly and Friends

I’m still going strong, although I realize that thinking of creative ideas is going to require some more outside sources. I chose a butterfly shape I liked and was planning on filling it with zen tangle patterns instead of the more normal butterfly wing designs, but did a half-and-half compromise instead.

Fluttery and Flowery

Fluttery and Flowery


I made a goof on the flower on the top, but I am only doodling in pen, so in the future I hope I can handle my mistakes better and think of a cool way to integrate stray lines. Also in the picture is a little fishy friend. I discovered I really like that wavy pattern turned out that accompanies the fish. I drew some direct reference for the plant life from pictures of pressed flowers. I quickly discovered the flowers available for good pressing is somewhat limited.

I added some comic book type explotion lines coming from the butterfly. I think it may have ended up being too dark. Meh.

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