Illinois Purple Violets…Meh…

I don’t know if I subconsciously sabotaged myself when doodling the next state flower, or if I was just having negative drawing vibes. I lived in Illinois for 7 years and I think it significantly impacted my upbringing, but Illinois as a state has nothing on Colorado. The state flower is the purple violet, and my doodle flowers aren’t entirely accurate. I discovered that purple is a crappy color to doodle with 😦 so I’m not entirely happy with this doodle, but that the whole point of this experimentation process.

Some Purple Violets and Crazy Colors

Some Purple Violets and Crazy Colors


Also, here is my kitty cat who loves to sit in my lap, keyboard, and sketchbook. His name is Sir Anthony Fluffypants AKA Tony.


He's so fluffy I'm going to die!!

He’s so fluffy I’m going to die!!


I drew the purple violets at a family get-together in Tennessee along with a sketch of the Volunteer State’s flower, the Iris. I’m not quite done filling that one in, so stay tuned!

@#*! A Birthday Doodle

January 21st is my brother Joel’s Birthday and my dearest husband’s as well. For his birthday I made MrE an Extra special birthday card, with a comic book theme.

@#*! in comic book language means, I love you! (not really)

@#*! in comic book language means, I love you! (not really)

The name for this symbol that often replaces curse words in comic books is a growlix. It was first used by the dude that draws Beetle Bailey ( I think? I’m sure MrE will correct me in the comments if I’m wrong). MrE pronounces this fake word the same way Donald Duck does when he gets frustrated with Huey, Dewy, and Louie.

Sego Lilies and Bees

The next installment of state flower inspired doodles is Utah’s flower, the Sego Lily, after Colorado and Illinois, I’ve lived in Utah for the longest. I went to school there, had the most awesome job ever as a BYU operator, and enjoyed looking at the awesome Wasatch mountains.

Apparently, the Sego lily was chosen as the state flower much like the Common Gull was chosen as the state bird; they both saved the early inhabitants from certain death. The flower provided an emergency food source, and the gulls ate invading locusts that were destroying crops.

Industrious Bees and Sweet Sego Lilies

Industrious Bees and Sweet Sego Lilies


I’m still trying to master using negative space and color.

Golden Poppies and Negative Space

Mr E gave me a suggestion that I create some shapes using negative space rather than outlining them. Here is my first attempt–it’s not very subtle, but I still like how it tuned out. This doodle also features Golden California Poppies, the state flower of, you guessed it, California. I added in the sky motif I liked so much from my treadmill drawing.


Guess the Gaps! They go quack quack and waddle waddle.

Guess the Gaps! They go quack quack and waddle waddle.


Eagle eyed viewers will notice that the blank negative space is an animal I am particularly fond of.

For this drawing I broke away from using only Pilot Precise pens and used some new fine-point sharpies for the outlines and colored brush pens to “paint” the flowers.

So far, I’ve done flowers for places I have lived in, next is the Sego Lily. Some seagulls may make an appearance in that doodle as well, or maybe some beehives…

Pink and White Camelllia

With this doodle I learned a valuable lesson: do not use both the pink and red Pilot Precise V5 pen colors in the same doodle. They are just similar enough to be jarring to the eye and it hurts to look at them for any length of time, which is tricky when trying to draw.

The camellia is Alabama’s state flower, and it is ridiculously symmetrical. I tried to find a reference to work from that did not look like it was made out of sugar to use on a wedding cake. Most of the camellias on the internet look too perfect to be nature-made.

Looking back, I should have put in some black and white hounds-tooth pattern since it is the unofficial school color of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

White and Pink Camellia and Fishy Fish

White and Pink Camellia and Fishy Fish


MrE says it looks like the fish has Spidey-Sense. I think it looks like he’s freaked out and is trying to swim a hasty retreat.

I debated whether or not to add any shading to flower, and as you see, laziness won over potentially messing up the drawing.

Doodling Expirament

In addition to creating super fabulous doodles, I’ve also decided I am going to experiment by giving myself changing parameters.

Therefore, I give you….Treadmill Doodle!

85% of the following doodle I drew while walking on a treadmill. Of course, I was only going about 1.5 mph, but I was walking. If it weren’t so difficult it would be an excellent way to pass the time while working out. Maybe when I save up enough to purchase my very own treadmill desk.

I didn’t fill it in with patterns because the doodle seemed to look good as is, and there is no way I would be able to make smooth hatch lines on a treadmill. If you look closely at the line quality, you can see where I stopped and started every half an inch.

treadmill goose

After I had done the majority of the central imagery, I ran for a tiny amount of time, and then finished the drawing while sitting in a non-moving chair. Lame I know!

I really love the sky motif at the top, I will probably think of some way to put it into another doodle.

If you have a suggestion for doodle experiment, write it in the comments or something.

Color and Columbines: #6

I must have been feeling extra creative because I finished two drawings yesterday. In this one, I gave myself some new restrictions and used three different colored fixed-width pens. I depended wholly on different patterns and cross-hatching to create the diversity of line and texture. Since Columbines are totally awesome, I added a few into this latest doodle:


Squiggles Game and #5

Last night, Mr E and I went to see the theatrical version of the 39 Steps. It was his first ever play and my second time seeing it performed. The play was totally awesome and we also played a game of squiggles beforehand and during intermission.

sqiggles 1

Lest you think that Mr E is a sociopath, I actually drew both the man being crushed by the weight of the world and the decapitated head in a pool of spit. Although technically i “won” because I stumped Mr E, He wins the prize for the most adorable doodle:





It’s a little anteater and oh boy, are those ants nervous!

I also began doodle number 5 while watching Lawrence of Arabia for the first time. Its a perfect movie to watch while drawing because of all the extended scenes with desert. I finished inking it after church today:

maple leaves black and white

The Arrows Point to Doodle #4

I think I may need to set a time limit on my doodle time because its starting to cut into my writing time. And while doodling is cool, I’m not getting paid for it (yet). I do think that the doodling is helping me to expand my brain, but It could be an interesting challenge to give myself some strict parameters and see what happens.

Number 4 is heavily inspired by Avatar the Last Airbender, the cartoon and not the terribad movie. I don’t know why I like drawing arrows, but I do. This drawing gave me a little more confidence to use the whole page and to play around with concept a little bit.


Arrows and Elements

Arrows and Elements

I kind of sounds ridiculous, but there are three different kinds of arrows: light arrows, living arrows, and liquid arrows. They each represent a different “element,” as it were. It seems really new-agey, but there you have it.

I really like how the lower most portion of the design turned out, especially the fish, bubbles, and spotty arrow cluster thing. I’m not sure if making the tree black was the best choice, but one I started I couldn’t really stop.

Number 3, Butterfly and Friends

I’m still going strong, although I realize that thinking of creative ideas is going to require some more outside sources. I chose a butterfly shape I liked and was planning on filling it with zen tangle patterns instead of the more normal butterfly wing designs, but did a half-and-half compromise instead.

Fluttery and Flowery

Fluttery and Flowery


I made a goof on the flower on the top, but I am only doodling in pen, so in the future I hope I can handle my mistakes better and think of a cool way to integrate stray lines. Also in the picture is a little fishy friend. I discovered I really like that wavy pattern turned out that accompanies the fish. I drew some direct reference for the plant life from pictures of pressed flowers. I quickly discovered the flowers available for good pressing is somewhat limited.

I added some comic book type explotion lines coming from the butterfly. I think it may have ended up being too dark. Meh.